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Medieval Institute Publications

De Gruyter & Medieval Institute Publications


In August 2018, De Gruyter and Medieval Institute Publications entered into an exciting new publishing partnership. In the future, MIP’s titles will be produced and distributed by De Gruyter, with MIP’s brand remaining alive and visible. Together, we have a program that features a large number of series on medieval and early modern culture, literature, language, religion, and history.

We are thrilled to present the latest news and highlights of this joint portfolio here on this website!

Our Highlights 2019
New Series
Faces behind the scenes
Where to meet us

Our Highlights

For 2019, you can already look forward to the publication of the following highlights:

De Gruyter

Medieval Institute Publications & De Gruyter

New Series

Within the last year, we have been working vigorously on realizing the publishing partnership between De Gruyter and Medieval Institute Publications and are excited to present our three new book series that will be published under the co-branding of De Gruyter and MIP.


Christianities Before Modernity

Christianities Before Modernity Challenging the perception of Christianity as a unified and European religion before the sixteenth century, this series interrogates the traditional chronological, geographical, social and institutional boundaries of premodern Christianity and demonstrates how premodern Christians comprised diverse and conflicted communities embedded in a religiously diverse world. Subjects covered include history, literature, music, theater, classics, folklore, art history, archaeology, religious studies, philosophy, gender studies, anthropology, sociology and other areas.

Find out more about Christianities Before Modernity

New Queer Medievalism

New Queer Medievalism This series explores new directions in the study of gay, lesbian, transgender, intersex, and asexual medieval identities and, simultaneously, will expand the work of the queer Middle Ages beyond early English or continental studies. Binaries which involve gender, sexuality, and culture often fail to account for a full range of experiences. This series will provide these scholars with a new venue dedicated to their work but also bring various scholarly and geographic areas into conversation.

Find out more about New Queer Medievalism

Premodern Transgressive Literatures

Premodern Transgressive Literatures Taking a decisively political, intersectional, and interdisciplinary approach to medieval and early modern literature, the series supports scholarship which transgresses normative bounds along various axes—including the transgression of temporal boundaries which superficially separate the premodern era from our twenty-first century moment. It aims to show the ways in which the premodern can help make sense of the modern, and the ways in which cutting-edge modern paradigms can help us better understand established, canonical premodern texts. This series makes space for provocative discussion about the business of producing—and teaching—transgressive work in the neo-liberalized Academy.

Faces behind the scenes

Do you have any questions regarding the partnership or would you like to contribute to our program? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We are always happy to assist:

Dr. Elisabeth Kempf Dr. Elisabeth Kempf
(De Gruyter)
Acquisitions Editor
Medieval Studies, Early Modern Studies

Tel.: +49 (0)30 26 005 - 106
e-mail: elisabeth.kempf [ at ] degruyter.com    

Theresa M. Whitaker Theresa M. Whitaker
Medieval Studies, Early Modern Studies

Tel.: +1 (269) 387 - 8747
e-mail: theresa.m.whitaker [ at ] wmich.edu

Marjorie Harrington Marjorie Harrington
Finance and Editorial Assistant

Tel.: +1 (269) 387 - 8752
e-mail: marjorie.harrington [ at ] wmich.edu

Dr. Christine Henschel Dr. Christine Henschel
(De Gruyter)
Content Editor Book

Tel.: +49 30 26 005 - 357
e-mail: christine.henschel [ at ] degruyter.com


Besides, the following Acquisition Editors also look forward to assisting you:

Tyler Cloherty
Acquisitions Editor

Specialization: Early Drama, Art, and Music; Late Tudor and Stuart Drama: Gender, Performance, and Material Culture; Ludic Cultures, 1100–1700; Monastic Life

e-mail: tylercloherty44 [at] gmail.com

Shannon Cunningham
Acquisitions Editor

Specialization: Christianities Before Modernity; Northern Medieval World: On the Margins of Europe; Premodern Transgressive Literatures; Research in Medieval and Early Modern Culture; Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Culture

e-mail: shannon [at] smcunningham.com

Ilse Schweitzer VanDonkelaar
Acquisitions Editor

Specialization: Monsters, Prodigies, and Demons: Medieval and Early Modern Constructions of Alterity; New Queer Medievalisms; Richard Rawlinson Center Series for Anglo-Saxon Studies

e-mail: ilse.s.vand [at] gmail.com

Where to meet us

You would like to meet us in person? No problem! This year, we will be exhibiting during the following conferences:

Date City Country Conference Titels On Display
May 9th - 12th Kalamazoo USA ICMS Kalamazoo Titel
July 1st - 4th Leeds UK IMC Leeds Titel


You do not manage to attend one of the events mentioned above? No problem! Please refer to our Titles on Display lists for the latest publications!

Within the time frame mentioned on the order form, you can also receive a 20% discount on all conference titles. And what is best: shipment costs are free of charge.