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Multilingual Matters


Multilingual Matters LogoAs of 2017, the British publisher of linguistics, Multilingual Matters, and De Gruyter formed an editorial and commercial partnership for the worldwide distribution of Multilingual Matters eBooks.

Multilingual Matters is a leading publisher in the areas of bilingualism, language acquisition, sociolinguistics and translation.

The partnership allows De Gruyter to add an important collection to its portfolio in these subject areas, and both De Gruyter and Multilingual Matters will thus increase their visibility on the market. 

The publications of Multilingual Matters will be made available to readers worldwide, and will be part of a special subject collection in applied sociolinguistics.

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Multilingual Matters is an international independent publishing house with headquarters in Bristol (UK).

Its publications covers subjects in the areas of bilingualism, second/foreign language learning, sociolinguistics, translation, interpreting and books for parents.