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Published in 2016

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The following databases have been published by De Gruyter in 2016.


Treasury of Linguistic Maps

The e-resource Treasury of Linguistic Maps presents linguistic maps selected from various atlases and other publications that have been published over the years by De Gruyter Mouton and other De Gruyter imprints.

For the first time, this material is made available and searchable in one place and in a new, improved format. All maps have been scanned in high-resolution for maximum quality and enriched with detailed metadata.

Many of these maps have not been digitally available before, and some are difficult to find even in printed form.



Birkhäuser Building Types Online

The database Birkhäuser Building Types Online is a resource for the study and practice of architectural design.

It is based on the publisher’s high international standing in professional architecture books, on the knowledge of the authors and editors who are leading experts in their fields, as well as on the technical quality of the illustrations.

The database offers exclusive and unparalleled, highly flexible and detailed search and browse access to the contents of the Birkhäuser program on building types. All content was written and selected by internationally renowned authors in architectural design.



Nano Online

The database Nano Online offers a comprehensive coverage of the subject area nano science and technology.

This database allows for easy access to research results from all disciplines active in this area – including physics, chemistry and materials science as well as engineering and medicine.

Due to a carefully chosen subject tree and massive linking between entries, the user can find relevant and related information quickly.


IUPAC Standards Online

The database IUPAC Standards Online is built from IUPAC’s standards and recommendations, extracted from the journal Pure and Applied Chemistry (PAC).

The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) is the organization responsible for setting the standards in chemistry that are internationally binding for scientists in industry and academia, patent lawyers, toxicologists, environmental scientists, legislation, etc. “Standards” are definitions of terms, standard values, procedures, rules for naming compounds and materials, names and properties of elements in the periodic table, and many more.



Deutsch-Jüdische Quellen aus Palästina/Israel

Palestine, and later Israel, has been of foremost importance for German-Jewish immigration.

The electronic resource Deutsch-Jüdische Quellen aus Palästina/Israel contains writings of all genres of German-Jewish immigrants that were published between 1890-2000 in Palestine and Israel. It contains the cultural and intellectual realm of the German speaking world in Israel / Palestine including rare texts that document the political development and everyday life.


Enzyklopädie des MärchensComprising some 4,000 articles, the Encyclopedia of the Folk Tale presents the results of almost two centuries of research in the field of folk narrative tradition.

Offering a comprehensive survey of all written and oral genres, the encyclopedia discusses types, motives and themes; explores theories, methods and stylistic issues; and presents various regions, countries, authors, collectors and researchers.