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Waivers and Discounts

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Waiver policy
De Gruyter offers a generous waiver scheme that covers open access publishing costs and is available to eligible authors.
To qualify for our waiver scheme and apply for waivers on all De Gruyter journals, authors must be affiliated primarily with institutions located in countries with low per capita incomes (low income and lower middle income, according to World Bank classification). Each case is considered individually. Authors are asked to contact the journal Editorial Office to apply for a waiver before, or straight after, submitting their article.

De Gruyter has successfully negotiated institutional membership agreements with universities and research institutions worldwide to secure funding for affiliated authors. These agreements entitle authors to a 15% or 20% discount on the article processing charge (APC).
Journal Editors from member institutions also benefit from an automatic 15% discount on any publication charges, irrespective of location.

True to our underlying values of fairness and equality, we are also happy to consider individual waiver applications.