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Since 2012, Verlag Dr. Otto Schmidt and De Gruyter have enjoyed a successful and productive partnership providing high-quality eBooks and eJournals to a broad international customer base.

The entire frontlist as well as all backlist titles since 2005 are available in eBook format. A variety of well-known journals are also available in eJournal format from this prestigious Cologne publishing house.

In short: This collaboration provides a complete, electronic all-round service for a discerning, professional audience.

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54 titles

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16 titles

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BACKLIST (2005-2018)

538 titles

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16 titles (1993-2015)

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A multimedia publisher of materials covering law, economics and tax in Cologne has been publishing titles for experts working in business, consulting and the sciences for over 100 years.

Outstanding authors, first-class product quality and a broad programme of offerings are hallmarks of Verlag Dr. Otto Schmidt.

Over 700 available book titles, approximately 30 technical journals and more than 40 loose-leaf works ensure quality and relevance.

Among its media offerings there are numerous online databases and specialist modules containing premium Verlag Dr. Otto Schmidt works as well as legal texts and case law.

On 15 October 1905, Otto Schmidt founded the interest group "Centrale für Gesellschaften mit beschränkter Haftung Dr. Otto Schmidt", which initially was a sole proprietorship.

In 1919, the company name was expanded to include the addition of Verlag Dr. Otto Schmidt. Since 1940, the company has operated as a "Kommanditgesellschaft" or limited commercial partnership.

Over the past 110 years, Verlag Dr. Otto Schmidt has become a leading specialist legal publisher.

Above all, the building blocks of this achievement were – and continue to be –

  • The thematic expansion of its publishing programme, which initially was strongly influenced by corporate and tax law across a broad spectrum of legal areas
  • Its development from a book publisher to an information services provider focusing on supplying those working in the legal and tax professions with comprehensive information and services so that they can adequately advise their clients
  • The establishment of its own bookselling group in the fields of law, economics and taxes
  • The establishment and development of electronic media, such as the new database Otto Schmidt Online

Subject areas / topics: Tax Law, Corporate and Company Law, Commercial Law, Civil Law and Civil Procedural Law, Public Law, Labour and Social Law, Liberal Professions, Criminal Justice

Renowned authors: Karsten Schmidt, Marcus Lutter, Klaus Lützenkirchen, Klaus Tipke, Joachim Lang, Paul Kirchhof