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Open Life Sciences: Precision Medicine

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Jiacong (Jessica) You 


Precision medicine is a lofty goal, put forth as the pinnacle of medical treatment. Boiled down to its essence, precision medicine describes the ability to tailor therapies to a patient’s individual needs by examining their particular physiology, genome, and environment. The ideal is that individualized treatment well lead to lower costs, fewer side effects, and better outcomes. 

The term “precision” in precision medicine has come to be used in preference to “personalized”, since it is far more difficult (and costly) to arrive at truly personalized treatments for each individual, but is not beyond our reach simply to treat patients-or groups of patients exhibiting similar biomarkers-in a more precise manner.

A central element of precision medicine is accurate, efficient, and effective diagnostic testing. This capability enables clinicians to classify subpopulations of patients who might better respond to certain therapies; much work has been done in the cancer arena to achieve this. Accurate diagnosis can lead to more accurate prognosis and improved monitoring of disease progression or treatment. The development of trustworthy in vitro diagnostic tools and technologies is essential for achieving this goal. 



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