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Special Issue on “Mathematical modelling in applied sciences”

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Special Issue on “Mathematical modelling in applied sciences”


The current thematic issue “Mathematical modelling in applied sciences” is related to the conference “Computer Science and Applied Mathematics”, 21-24 September 2016, Almaty, Kazakhstan. The aim of the conference is to unite specialists in mathematical modelling and computational technologies to discuss current trends in related sciences focusing on the practical applications of modern techniques of information technologies, computing equipment, and applied mathematics. The present thematic issue is devoted to the study of modern problems of mathematical modelling of physical processes, mechanics of liquids, gas and plasma, computational mathematics, mathematical control theory, speech technology and computer linguistics, pattern recognition and image processing, mathematical methods of information technology for complex systems, development of complex information systems and processes on the basis of mathematical models and theory. The papers appearing in the issue are of interest to students and researchers in areas of computer science and applied mathematics. The issue is edited by Professor Abdumauvlen Berdyshev (Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai, Almaty, Kazakhstan), Professor Maksat Kalimoldayev (Institute of Information and Computational Technologies, Almaty, Kazakhstan), and Professor Michael Ruzhansky (Imperial College London).


Abdumauvlen Berdyshev, Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Maksat Kalimoldayev, Institute of Information and Computational Technologies, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Michael Ruzhansky, Imperial College London, UK


Development of the model of protected cross-border information interaction -  Rustem Biyashev et al.

Optimization of people evacuation plan on the basis of wireless sensor network - Yedilkhan Amirgaliyev et al.

Using necessary optimality conditions for acceleration of the nonuniform covering optimization method - Yury Evtushenko et al.

N-bit Parity Neural Networks with minimum number of threshold neurons - Marat Arslanov et al.

Model of nonconventional encryption algorithm based on nested Feistel network - Saule Nyssanbayeva et al.

Voting procedures from the perspective of theory of neural networks - Ibragim Suleimenov et al.

Security analysis of an encryption scheme based on nonpositional polynomial notations - Nursulu Kapalova et al.

The symmetric form of poroelasticity dynamic equations in terms of velocities, stresses and pressure - Abdumauvlen Berdyshev et al.

Some properties of asymmetric Hopfield neural networks with finite time of transition between states - Ibragim Suleimenov et al.

Specifying temporal knowledge for workflows ontologies - Baurzhan Karabekov et al.

Modeling the spread of harmful substances in the atmosphere at a variable velocity profile - Allayarbek Aydosov et al.

Texture recognition by the methods of topological data analysis - Nikolay Makarenko et al.

Smart-system of distance learning of visually impaired people based on approaches of artificial intelligence – Galina Samigulina et al.

Automatic Speech Segmentation Using Throat-acoustic Correlation Coefficients – Rustam Mussabayev et al.

Automatic extraction of corollaries from semantic structure of text - Abyz Nurtazin et al.

A tool for simulating parallel branch-and-bound methods - Yana Golubeva et al.

Information system based on the mathematical model of the EPS – Maksat Kalimoldayev et al.

To the theory of modeling of electric power and electric contact systems - Maksat Kalimoldayev et al.

The multipliers of multiple trigonometric fourier series - Aizhan Ydyrys et al.

Interval arithmetic in calculations - Gaziza Bairbekova et al.

An iterative method to calculate the thermal characteristics of the rock mass with inaccurate initial data - Bolatbek Rysbaiuly et al.

Solving the problem of two viscous incompressible fluid media in the case of constant phase saturations - Zharasbek Baishemirov et al.

Numerical simulation of the free convection in a viscous compressible fluid - Yury Perepechko et al.

First results in the development of a mobile robot with trajectory planning and object recognition capabilities - Talgat Islamgozhayev et al.

Persian sentences to phoneme sequences conversion based on recurrent neural networks - Mohseni Behbahani et al.

Development and research of the algorithm for determining the maximum flow at distribution in the network - Aynur Ahmediyarova et al.

Software development for the economic model of R.Barro - Maksat Kalimoldayev et al.