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Open Archaeology: Topical Issue on Food and the Senses

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Dr Zena Kamash, University of London, UK
Dr Erica Rowan, University of Exeter, UK


Open Archaeology invites manuscripts for the Special Issue on Food and the Senses.

Human food culture has been created and shaped by sensory perception. It is impossible to interact with a food without using one of the five Senses. Taste, touch, smell, sound and sight, whether examined in isolation or in combination, all play a pivotal role in the way that people created, prepared, presented and consumed their food. The Senses impact all aspects of food culture from where the food is grown and processed to how and when it is eaten, to where it is sold and whether or not it is perceived as elite, common or taboo. The relationships between food and the Senses can change drastically over time and can differ considerably by culture.

Archaeology and its many sub-disciplines (environmental, experimental, scientific, theoretical) have the ability to further our understanding of past relationships between food and the Senses. Archaeological research, however, has tended to focus primarily on the functional and logistical considerations associated with food consumption and production. The topic of this special issue builds upon the rising interest and value attributed to environmental archaeology and seeks to investigate the impact that sensory perception had on creating and changing food cultures. What was the sensory impact of processing and cooking? How was food displayed? How did past people emphasize a particular sense? How does the sensory approach effect our understanding of changing food culture?

Material culture of any type and period, including art and literature is welcome and articles focusing on the synthesis of archaeological specialisms are particularly desired. We are also happy to receive papers of a theoretical or experimental nature.

Informal enquires regarding the topic are welcome.


The authors are kindly invited to submit their contribution via online submission system Editorial Manager.

It is important that authors include a cover letter with their manuscript with information that the manuscript is dedicated to Topical Issue on Food and the Senses.

Cover letter should explicitly state that the manuscript (or one with substantially the same content, by any of the authors) has not been previously published in any language anywhere and that it is not under simultaneous consideration or in press by another journal.

Before submission the authors should carefully read over the Instruction for Authors.

All papers will go through the Open Archaeology high standards, quick and comprehensive peer-review procedure.

We are looking forward to your submission up to November 30, 2015. If you have any questions, please contact the Editors Dr Zena Kamash at Zena.Kamash@rhul.ac.uk , Dr Erica Rowan at e.rowan@exeter.ac.uk or Katarzyna Michalak at Katarzyna.Michalak@degruyteropen.com

As an author of Open Archaeology you will benefit from:

  • transparent, comprehensive and fast peer review managed by our esteemed Guest Editors;
  • efficient route to fast-track publication and full advantage of De Gruyter Open e-technology;
  • no publication fees;
  • free language assistance for authors from non-English speaking regions.