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Open Chemistry: Natural Products with Biological Activities

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Luísa Barreira, Marine Sciences Center (CCMAR) / University of Algarve, Portugal


Bioactive compounds are natural compounds, which have been proven to present beneficial effects for human health. They are generally secondary metabolites from plants, seaweeds, microalgae or invertebrates and present several biological activities relevant for human health as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, cytotoxic for tumoural cell lines, neuroprotective, antibiotic, etc. Compounds responsible for these activities present a wide variety of chemical structures and may include terpenoids, phenolics, carotenoids, and alkaloids, among others.


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The deadline for submissions: August 31st, 2016



Epilobi Hirsuti Herba Extracts Influence the In Vitro Activity of Common Antibiotics on Standard Bacteria
Pirvu, Lucia / Nicorescu, Isabela / Hlevca, Cristina / Albu, Bujor / Nicorescu, Valentin

Microalgae-based unsaponifiable matter as source of natural antioxidants and metal chelators to enhance the value of wet Tetraselmis chuii biomass
Gangadhar, Katkam N. / Pereira, Hugo / Rodrigues, Maria João / Custódio, Luísa / Barreira, Luísa / Malcata, F. Xavier / Varela, João

Antioxidant and protease-inhibitory potential of extracts from grains of oat
Krošlák, Erik / Maliar, Tibor / Maliarová, Mária / Nemeček, Peter / Hozlár, Peter / Ondrejovič, Miroslav / Havrlentová, Michaela / Kraic, Ján

Ammoides pusilla (Brot.) Breistr. from Algeria: Effect of harvesting place and plant part (leaves and flowers) on the essential oils chemical composition and antioxidant activity
Tefiani, Choukri / Riazi, Ali / Belbachir, Boumediene / Lahmar, Hicham / Aazza, Smail / Figueiredo, Ana Cristina / Miguel, Maria Graça