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Open Linguistics: Topical Issue on A Multilingual Focus on Lexicography and Phraseography

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Maria Isabel González-Rey, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain


The beginnings of phraseography are lost in the mists of time, in an ancient practice that dates back from well before antiquity, and manifests itself in collections of proverbs and idioms. With the emergence, in the nineteenth century, of lexicography as a scientific field, phraseographic practice takes a more specialized turn. The impact of the theoretical principles of phraseology on dictionary work, initiated in the late twentieth century, is nowadays subject to the influence of new technologies which allow lexicography and phraseography to interact more and more, to the point of erasing the border that separated them in the past.

Taking into account these new links between them, this Topic Issue aims to present the latest achievements in both theoretical as well as empirical studies. It highlights subjects as varied as the conception of dictionaries, supports, applications for teaching and translation, and other issues, from a contrastive perspective.

Manuscript Due: September, 2016

Introducing Idioms in the Galician WordNet: Methods, Problems and Results
María Álvarez de la Granja, Xosé María Gómez Clemente, Xavier Gómez Guinovart