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Open Linguistics: Topical Issue on Treebanking and Ancient Languages: Current and Prospective Research

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Giuseppe G. A. Celano
Gregory Crane


This special issue of Open Linguistics aims to present a selection of contributions given at the homonymous workshop held at Leipzig University on December 14-15, 2015.

Treebanking belongs to the field of computational linguistics, where machine-actionable representation of the grammar of natural languages challenges traditional linguistic theory-informed descriptions and, more in general, corpus linguistics. This holds true especially for historical linguistics, ancient languages having always been studied within – more or less loosely defined – corpora.

The development of treebanked data for ancient languages allows exact quantification of morpho-syntactic and semantic phenomena and reproducibility of results, which can shed new light on a variety of linguistic research questions and advance NLP tasks. The articles contained in this volume present some of the most recent work done to create and query treebanks for ancient languages.


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The deadline is the 29th of February.