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New in 2017

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The following databases will be published by De Gruyter in 2017.


Treasury of Linguistic Maps

Anorganik Online offers German content to all aspects of inorganic chemistry, including basics such as acid-base chemistry or stoichiometry, as well as quickly developing research fields like bioinorganic chemistry, materials sciences, or organometallic chemistry.

Information on substances and theory can be retrieved through a precise but easy-to-use search functionality, which is supplemented by numerous links and further reading referrals.
Comprehensive insight to an entire area of knowledge can be gained via the detailed topical structure and the interactive periodic table.
This way the database becomes an indispensible resource for students with a minor or major in inorganic chemistry.



Deutsches Literatur-Lexikon Online

The database Deutsches Literatur-Lexikon Online makes the most well-known, comprehensive, and reliable reference works on German literature available for the first time online: The Encyclopedia of German Literature and its supplemental series, The Encyclopedia of German Literature: The 20th Century and the Encyclopedia of German Literature: The Middle Ages.

Spanning an extended time scale from the early Middle Ages to the recent present, the database is unique for its comprehensive scope, featuring articles on German-language authors from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and other European countries.
The database, which contains some 70,000 articles, can be searched according to various criteria.
With its focus on contemporary literature, the database is an ideal complement to De Gruyter's Database of Authors, which is primarily focused on the Middle Ages and the early modern period.


Nano Online

The World Biographical Information System Online (WBIS Online) is the world’s most comprehensive and extensive biographical database, containing information on individuals, families, and groups from all classes and professions, from all countries and regions of the world, from the 4th millennium BC to the present.

Previously, the periods covered by the database’s individual archives ended 2006. The editors of WBIS Online are currently reviewing and adding publications from around the world that have appeared in the interim. They are also updating the database with older, previously inaccessible sources.
As of now source material is being directly scanned. This offers better quality than the older microfiche scans, while also enabling direct access to the data. The new version of WBIS will feature the same proven search modes: Basic, Biographical, and Biographical Search.
WBIS Online, which already contains 8.4 million biographical articles on 6 million individuals, will be expanded each year over the next five years with biographies on some 50,000 individuals from a range of eras and geographic locations, thus further enhancing the database’s unique scope.