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Why Publish with De Gruyter?

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Individualized Support and Guidance from Experienced Editors
The publisher’s editors have received academic training in the subject areas they oversee and are ready to provide dependable and close support on your path to publication. Additional, external copyediting and/or language polishing from native speakers can be provided upon request.

Distinguished Editorial Boards
Take advantage of the opportunity to have your work published in renowned series supervised by highly distinguished scholars in your field.

High-Impact Publications
Numerous De Gruyter journals have impact factors, reflecting their importance in academic discourse.

Peer Review
De Gruyter places a strong emphasis on quality. Prior to their release all publications undergo a strict peer review process that is organized independently by the publisher. Only scholars of renowned reputation in the specific fields are asked to be reviewers for our manuscripts.

Collaboration with Funding Institutions
De Gruyter will support you in applying for outside funding /subsidies for your publication. We will adhere to any special requirements set by the institutions and will provide you with documentation needed for the application (cost calculation, letter of intent etc.).

Innovative Open Access Distribution
De Gruyter offers numerous opportunities for open access publication, both in the sciences and the humanities.


All new publications are made available digitally and printed at the same time.

Our professional publishing systems make submitting your manuscript easy.

We ensure the rapid processing and production of accepted manuscripts (from 6 weeks to 4 months for books) and of ahead-ofprint content.

Our professional typesetting practices ensure a clear and precise typographical layout while also providing for easy readability in both print and digital formats.

There is no additional charge for color images in journals.

All digital content is stored in long-term archives at external service providers, thus guaranteeing accessibility long into the future.


De Gruyter’s Marketing and Sales teams ensure the worldwide exposure and availability of every single one of our authors’ works.

From newsletters, e-mailings, partner marketing, abstracting and indexing services to social media and our website, we are regularly developing new, high impact ways to build awareness of your content. 

Our International Sales team serves libraries and academic institutions in nearly every major territory in the world.

Coupled with our logistics partners, and our close-knit relationship with major bookstores and large library suppliers around the world, you can be assured that your publication will be easily accessible to all interested readers.

Strategic Distribution Partnerships: De Gruyter has concluded a number of distribution partnerships with internationally renowned publishing houses such as Harvard University Press, Princeton University Press and Penn Press, thus expanding our portfolio with additional first-class publications.

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Prof. Dr. Bernard Comrie
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, Germany
What I like best about Mouton is the way its staff understands its clientele: linguists. However complex a project may be, Mouton will do its best to find a solution that combines the highest academic standards, the desires of its authors and editors, and the reality of the world of international academic publishing.

Prof. Dr. Russ Hille
University of California, USA
My experience as a De Gruyter author has been incredibly positive. The submission and approval processes are both straightforward and rapid and the technical standards are first-rate and highly professional. Overall, the program features outstanding and exciting science and technology titles and I am honored that my book is part of the program.

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Cornelli
Archai UNESCO Chair / University of Brasília, Brasil; President of the International Plato Society
In my experience, both as an author and editor, I’ve found in DG staff support and assistance during all the phases of publishing. [...] I strongly believe that to find a very good publisher, one who’s willing to take great care of your academic work, is something rare. I’m happy to have found it in DG.

Prof. Andrea Deplazes
Chair of Architecture and Construction, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
I strongly recommend working with Birkhäuser – not least of all because this sort of editorial control is increasingly becoming the exception rather than the rule.

Prof. Pieter W. van der Horst
Professor Emeritus at Utrecht University and Member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
The steady stream of high quality publications in the field of Jewish studies by [De Gruyter’s] publishing house enriches our field of research considerably. And it is not only the contents of these publications but also their superb technical execution that is enjoyable. Moreover, it is great to work with De Gruyter’s staff.