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Innovative tool for architectural design

Building Types Online

Editor-in-Chief: Heckmann, Oliver


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  • Large international collection of contemporary buildings, from housing and offices to museums, schools and other building types
  • Focus on floor plans and sectional drawings in unrivalled quality. A large part of the drawings are vector-based

Aims and Scope

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The database Building Types Online is a resource for the study and practice of architectural design. It is based on the publisher’s high international standing in professional architecture books, on the knowledge of the authors and editors who are leading experts in their fields, as well as on the technical quality of the illustrations. The database offers exclusive and unparalleled, highly flexible and detailed search and browse access to the contents of the Birkhäuser program on building types. All content was written and selected by internationally renowned authors in architectural design.

Type of Publication:
Architecture school libraries, teachers and researchers of architecture, architectural institutions, architectural museums, practitioners of architecture
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