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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Mouton January 4, 2006

Articulatory Planning Is Continuous and Sensitive to Informational Redundancy

M. Pluymaekers , M. Ernestus and R. Baayen
From the journal Phonetica


This study investigates the relationship between word repetition, predictabil-ityfrom neighbouring words, and articulatory reduction in Dutch. For the sevenmost frequent words ending in the adjectival suffix -lijk, 40 occurrences were ran-domlyselected from a large database of face-to-face conversations. Analysis ofthe selected tokens showed that the degree of articulatory reduction (as measuredby duration and number of realized segments) was affected by repetition, pre-dictabilityfrom the previous word and predictability from the following word.Interestingly, not all of these effects were significant across morphemes and tar-getwords. Repetition effects were limited to suffixes, while effects of predictabil-ityfrom the previous word were restricted to the stems of two of the seven targetwords. Predictability from the following word affected the stems of all targetwords equally, but not all suffixes. The implications of these findings for models ofspeech production are discussed.


Published Online: 2006-01-04
Published in Print: 2005-12-01

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