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Accessible Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Mouton November 19, 2009

F₀ Timing in Danish Word Perception

Nina Thorsen
From the journal Phonetica


(1) When vowel and consonant duration cues are ambiguous between /ku·lÓ™/ and /kulÓ™/ an early F₀ rise, relative to the vowel-consonant boundary, will tend to favor identification of stimuli as /ku lÓ™/, while a later F₀ rise increases the number of /kulÓ™/ judgments somewhat. (2) When vowel duration cues are ambiguous between /’bilisd/ and /bi’lisd/ an F₀ rise before the intervocalic consonant will significantly increase the number of/’bilisd/ identifications, whereas an F₀ rise after the consonant yields more judgments of /’bilisd/. The latter result corroborates the acoustic observation that initial voiced consonants in stressed syllables dissociate tonally from the vowel and join up with the preceding material, if any, to the effect that tonally the stress seems to begin with the vowel.

Received: 1983-07-28
Accepted: 1983-09-19
Published Online: 2009-11-19
Published in Print: 1984-01-01

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