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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter April 20, 2010

Diagnostic-based modeling on a micro-scale atmospheric-pressure plasma jet

  • Jochen Waskoenig , Kari Niemi , Nikolas Knake , Lucy Marie Graham , Stephan Reuter , Volker Schulz-von der Gathen and Timo Gans

Diagnostic-based modeling (DBM) actively combines complementary advantages of numerical plasma simulations and relatively simple optical emission spectroscopy (OES). DBM is applied to determine spatial absolute atomic oxygen ground-state density profiles in a micro atmospheric-pressure plasma jet operated in He–O2. A 1D fluid model with semi-kinetic treatment of the electrons yields detailed information on the electron dynamics and the corresponding spatio-temporal electron energy distribution function. Benchmarking this time- and space-resolved simulation with phase-resolved OES (PROES) allows subsequent derivation of effective excitation rates as the basis for DBM. The population dynamics of the upper O(3p3P) oxygen state (λ = 844 nm) is governed by direct electron impact excitation, dissociative excitation, radiation losses, and collisional induced quenching. Absolute values for atomic oxygen densities are obtained through tracer comparison with the upper Ar(2p1) state (λ = 750.4 nm). The resulting spatial profile for the absolute atomic oxygen density shows an excellent quantitative agreement to a density profile obtained by two-photon absorption laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy.


International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry (ISPC-19), International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry, ISPC, Plasma Chemistry, 19th, Bochum, Germany, 2009-07-26–2009-07-31


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