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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter January 18, 2012

Laser electrodispersion as a new chlorine-free method for the production of highly effective metal-containing supported catalysts

  • Ekaterina S. Lokteva , Anton A. Peristyy , Natalia E. Kavalerskaya , Elena V. Golubina , Lada V. Yashina , Tatiana N. Rostovshchikova , Sergey A. Gurevich , Vladimir M. Kozhevin , Denis A. Yavsin and Valery V. Lunin

Laser electrodispersion (LED) of metals is a promising technique for the preparation of heterogeneous catalysts as an alternative to wet impregnation of supports with the corresponding salt solutions. The LED technique can be used to deposit highly active chloride- and nitrate-free metal nanoparticles onto carbon or oxide supports. We report preparation and properties of new Ni-, Pd-, and Au-containing alumina-supported catalysts with low metal loadings (10–3–10–4 % mass) and their comparison with the previously studied carbon (Sibunit) supported systems. The catalysts demonstrate high stability and extremely high specific catalytic activity (by 2–3 orders of magnitude higher than for traditional catalysts) in the gas-phase hydrodechlorination (HDC) of chlorobenzene (CB).


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