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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter May 22, 2012

Structure- and ligand-based drug design approaches for neglected tropical diseases

  • Rafael V. C. Guido , Glaucius Oliva and Adriano D. Andricopulo

Drug discovery has moved toward more rational strategies based on our increasing understanding of the fundamental principles of protein–ligand interactions. Structure- (SBDD) and ligand-based drug design (LBDD) approaches bring together the most powerful concepts in modern chemistry and biology, linking medicinal chemistry with structural biology. The definition and assessment of both chemical and biological space have revitalized the importance of exploring the intrinsic complementary nature of experimental and computational methods in drug design. Major challenges in this field include the identification of promising hits and the development of high-quality leads for further development into clinical candidates. It becomes particularly important in the case of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) that affect disproportionately poor people living in rural and remote regions worldwide, and for which there is an insufficient number of new chemical entities being evaluated owing to the lack of innovation and R&D investment by the pharmaceutical industry. This perspective paper outlines the utility and applications of SBDD and LBDD approaches for the identification and design of new small-molecule agents for NTDs.


IUPAC Congress, IUPAC Congress, CONGRESS, IUPAC Congress, 43rd, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2011-07-30–2011-08-07


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