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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter December 16, 2012

Terminology for aggregation and self-assembly in polymer science (IUPAC Recommendations 2013)

  • Richard G. Jones , Christopher K. Ober , Philip Hodge , Pavel Kratochvíl , Graeme Moad and Michel Vert

In the past, aggregation and self-assembly have been associated principally with micellar and colloidal systems of molecules; however, with the advent of supramolecular chemistry, molecular self-assembly has been opened to a much wider understanding that has facilitated access to a variety of different shapes and sizes, along with the construction of new and fascinating molecular topologies. This document aims at defining more than 150 terms related to aggregation and self-assembly in the particular case of macromolecules. The list is restricted to the most commonly encountered terms.

Project Year: 2005, Project Code: 2005-043-2-400


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