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Sampling and chemical characterization of aerosols in workplace air

Siri Hetland and Y. Thomassen


1 , 2012, no. 2, vol. 14, p. 36010.1039/c1em10695cAshley Kevin, Shulman Stanley A., Brisson Michael J., Howe Alan M. Journal of Environmental MonitoringJ  Environ Monit14640333"Interlaboratory evaluation of trace element determination in workplace air filter samples by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry" . Search in Google Scholar

2 , 2010, no. 33, vol. 25, p. no10.1002/chin.199433317HETLAND S., THOMASSEN Y. ChemInformNone15222667"ChemInform Abstract: Sampling and Chemical Characterization of Aerosols in Workplace Air" . Search in Google Scholar

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