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Excitons in incompressible quantum liquids

E. I. Rashba


1 , 2012, no. 10, vol. 85, p. None10.1140/epjb/e2012-30406-6Moskalenko S.A., Liberman M.A., Snoke D.W., Dumanov E.V., Rusu S.S., Cerbu F. The European Physical Journal BEur. Phys. J. B1434-6028"Nambu-Goldstone modes of the two-dimensional Bose-Einstein condensed magnetoexcitons" . Search in Google Scholar

2 , 2010, no. 1, vol. 110, p. 17710.1002/qua.22315Moskalenko S. A., Liberman M. A., Dumanov E. V., Podlesny I. V. International Journal of Quantum ChemistryInt J Quantum Chem1097461X"Collective properties and combined quantumtransitions of two-dimensional magnetoexcitons" . Search in Google Scholar

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