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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter January 1, 2009

Risk assessment for occupational exposure to chemicals. A review of current methodology (IUPAC Technical Report)

  • Robert F. M. Herber , John H. Duffus , Jytte Molin Christensen , Erik Olsen and Milton V. Park

This paper reviews the methodology available for risk assessment of exposure to substances in the workplace. Assessment starts with the identification and classification of hazard, which must be related to the dose­effect and dose­response information available for the hazards identified. Once the potential for exposure has been characterized, it should be quantified and compared with an established safe exposure level. The degree to which it exceeds that level is a measure of the risk. Even if the assessed risk is regarded as acceptable, there is the possibility that the situation will change with time, so it is important to monitor potentially harmful exposures. Factors relevant to effective monitoring are reviewed. Addresses of Internet sites where further information may be obtained are listed along with further reading.

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