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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter January 1, 2009

Potentiometric selectivity coefficients of ion-selective electrodes. Part II. Inorganic anions (IUPAC Technical Report)

  • Yoshio Umezawa , Kayoko Umezawa , Philippe Bühlmann , Naoko Hamada , Hiroshi Aoki , Jun Nakanishi , Moritoshi Sato , Kang Ping Xiao and Yukiko Nishimura


Potentiometric selectivity coefficients, KA,Bpot have been collected for ionophore-based ion-selective electrodes (ISEs) for inorganic anions reported during 1988-1998. In addition to the actual numerical values of KA,Bpot together with the methods and conditions for their determination, response slopes, linear concentration (activity) ranges, chemical compositions, and ionophore structures for the ISE membranes are tabulated.

Project Year: 1995, Project Code: 550/58/95

Published Online: 2009-01-01
Published in Print: 2002-01-01

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