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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by Gütersloher Verlagshaus September 9, 2014

Der liebe Gott, die Moral und das zweite Pelikanküken

Schöpfungsethische Reflexionen vor perspektivitätstheoretischem Hintergrund

  • Markus Huppenbauer


The author examines whether a theology of creation is compatible with environmental ethics or not. He argues that theological perception of nature as creation of God is neither anthropocentric nor biocentric. It is a theological argument he gives for this position: First of all theology of creation is in itself not made to function as a basis of ethics. Its subject is the creativity of God and not human beings as moral agents. On the other side biblical texts do not perceive living beings as beings with an intrinsic value. The author further on argues for a compassionate God which takes suffering on earth seriously. Therefore theological theories of everything, explaining evil and suffering to be compatible with the will of God have to be refused. The article ends with a discussion of the metaphor of >playing God< and concludes that there are no reasonable theological arguments agairrst improving human beings genetically.

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