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BY 4.0 license Open Access Published by transcript Verlag May 25, 2021

Collage-Based Research and Design

  • Sarah Wehmeyer

Editorial Summay

In her contribution »Collage-Based Research and Design«, Sarah Wehmeyer addresses the distinct differentiation between design-based and design-related forms of investigation in architecture. Hereby, she fosters reflexive design and research processes and practices as sources of »design-specific knowledge«. In this regard, she highlights applied artistic and superordinate theoretical aspects as well as discusses practical skills and scientific capacities inherent to the medium of collage as an architecture-specific tool for design and research. This contribution can be read as a precise and distinct examination of the collage as an artifact, media of design, knowledge creation, and communication, and as an alternative - artistic-reflexive - methodological approach to research in architecture. [Katharina Voigt]

Published Online: 2021-05-25
Published in Print: 2021-05-01

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