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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter March 10, 2011

Solid to Gas Temperature Gradient in a Microwave Fluidized Bed

Zeljko Pajkic, Achim Schmidt, Thorsten Gerdes and Monika Willert-Porada

Convective heat transfer from solid to gas was investigated in a microwave heated fluidized bed and compared to an identical conventionally heated bed. Fluidizing gas was fed at room temperature and heated in contact with the bed solid phase. Solid phase temperature was varied in range of 300-600°C. Temperature difference of the two phases and heat loss by gas stream were measured in both heating types and discussed regarding chemical reaction engineering and energy efficiency. Advantages of microwave heating in such systems were elaborated with an outlook to perspective applications of the process in field of materials science and engineering.

Published Online: 2011-3-10

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