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Mental Practice is Modifiable: Changes in Perspective Maintenance and Vividness Post-Stroke

Joanna A. Nobbe, MA, Dawn Nilsen, Ed.D., OTL and Glen Gillen, Ed.D., OTR


This exploratory study investigated effects of a mental practice (MP) intervention on imagery vividness and perspective maintenance in post-stroke subjects. Additionally, the relationship between internal and external imagery vividness and kinesthetic imagery was examined. Data were drawn from 17 persons participating in a RCT investigating the effects of perspective use during MP on post-stroke recovery. The Vividness of Movement Imagery Questionnaire-2 (VMIQ-2) and a self-report perspective rating scale were used to examine changes in vividness and perspective maintenance, respectively. Findings indicate improvements in vividness were most evident in those with the weakest initial ability. Perspective maintenance improved significantly from the first score to the last for all groups. Visual imagery vividness was strongly related to kinesthetic imagery regardless of imagery perspective. Preliminary findings suggest certain aspects of imagery ability can be improved with practice post-stroke.

Published Online: 2012-11-9

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