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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter May 7, 2012

Do Oil and Democracy Only Clash in the Global South?: Petro Politics in Alberta, Canada

Meenal Shrivastava and Lorna Stefanick
From the journal New Global Studies

The relationship between oil and democracy has been most widely tested in the context of high-income states of the Middle East to explain the lack of political liberalism in those countries. Some recent studies have compared oil-exporting countries in Latin America and Africa to explore the "oil impedes democracy" hypothesis. This account applies the insights of these comparative studies beyond the Global South to explore questions such as: To what extent do the causal mechanisms of oil versus democracy apply in Canada? Is there any evidence of the phenomenon of "resource curse" in the Canadian province of Alberta, which is offered as an explanation for the lack of economic and political liberalism in the Global South?

Published Online: 2012-5-7

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