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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter March 7, 2012

International Health and Intelligence Gathering: One in the Same or Rival Factions?

  • John Shelton

This paper will consider a proposal for a new type of governmental agency to counter the threat of international public health concerns. Public health has increasingly become an international concern as a national security issue regardless of whether it involves an intentional release of a disease. September 11th and the Anthrax letters woke people up to the threat of bioterrorism. In addition, SARS, H1N1, and the Andrew Speaker incident have served to remind us that the threat of fatal disease occurs naturally and does not need to be turned into a weapon before it is a legitimate threat. The natural question that one must raise is whether existing government agencies are sufficiently equipped and prepared to deal with such challenges. The hypothetical government agency discussed in this paper will is one that combines aspects of a public health agency along with that of an intelligence organization. To begin the analysis of such a hypothetical agency, one must first consider where the world of public health intersects with espionage and law enforcement. Next, this paper will discuss the some of the government entities charged separately with different aspects of these duties. Finally, this paper will consider some of the legal limits of such a new agency.

Published Online: 2012-3-7

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