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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Mouton 2017

Semiotic paradoxes: Antinomies and ironies in a transmodern world

From the book Volume 1

  • Farouk Y. Seif


Semiotic paradoxes are essential characteristics of a transmodern World. The diaphanous feature of transmodernity reveals contradictions among a wide range of polarities. The fundamental nature of life itself is paradoxical, and human existence feeds on these contradictory relations. Antinomies and ironies are inherent in the human condition and innate forces in cultural semiotics. Ironically, when societies face crises, there is a tendency to confuse paradoxical phenomena with problematical situations. This tendency seems to be generated by intolerance for those ambiguities and uncertainties that are unavoidable features of semiotic paradoxes. Although we are challenged by the tension among various conflicting forces, the manner in which we deal with the resulting paradoxes offers us the opportunity for fresh interpretations of a reality that we co-create and co-transform.

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