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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Mouton 2021

14 Branding

From the book Handbook of Management Communication

Consuelo Vásquez


This chapter explores the contribution of the communicative constitution of organization (CCO) approach to corporate branding by focusing on the organizing properties of branding as a discursive practice. The current state of research in corporate branding has been rather dominated by linear models of communication. The CCO approach challenges such view by considering branding as an emergent and polyphonic communicative process characterized by the indeterminacy of meaning, by acknowledging the productive capacities of the “receivers” of the brand, and the agency of non-human actors. Future research can develop a more responsible approach to branding that considers other stakeholders, such as citizens and nature. The chapter presents the key premises of the CCO approach and the theoretical developments in the corporate branding literature that propose communicational explanations to branding. Then, it offers an illustration in the context of university branding. It concludes with theoretical lessons and practical orientations for management communication.

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