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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Mouton 2020

A grammar competition analysis of V2 phenomena in second language acquisition

From the book Verb Second

  • Leah S. Bauke


This paper investigates grammar competition/multiple grammar effects in double object plus particle constructions of L1 German/L2 English speakers. The paper examines the role of the categorial status of objects in double object constructions (i.e. nominal vs. pronominal vs. prepositional objects) as well as the role of word order effects within and across the two languages and shows that L1German/L2 English speakers do not show grammar competition/multiple grammar effects at the level of superficial constitiuent ordering whereas at the level of abstract sentence structure a clear effect emerges. This explains why L1 German/L2 English speakers can hardly accomodate double object plus particle constructions in their L2 English (even when at a very high overall proficiency level in L2 English and) despite the fact that the same construction with different surface word oder exists in their L1.

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