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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Mouton 2021

Minority within a Minority: Iabalcea and Carașova in Romania

From the book Between Separation and Symbiosis

  • Daria V. Konior


One of the few remaining groups that could have represented a symbioticSlavic-Romance community in the past is the Krashovani, a mostly Slavicspeaking Catholic people, who presumably came to the territory of the Romanian Banat over several waves of migration. In one of the Krashovani villages called Iabalcea we observe a rather atypical collection of cultural features. Members of a small community identify themselves as Croats or Krashovani and share a Catholic culture along with some features taken from Orthodox folk tradition while speaking Romanian in everyday communication. The lexical subsystem of traditional wedding rituals in Carașova and Iabalcea seems to be a single cultural code presented in two separate, but closely related, linguistic iterations. It is argued that such diffusion becomes possible in areas where migration flows are large and the population is put under a special type of state and church authority.1

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