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9. Politische Rhetorik des März und Vormärz

From the book Handbuch Politische Rhetorik

  • Armin Burkhardt


The present chapter deals with the political rhetoric of the German revolutionary period of Marz (March) and Vormarz (Pre-March) in mid 19th century. It starts with an overview over the rhetorical peculiarities of Young Germany und Pre- March writers. Then, in a second step, the political rhetoric of the revolutionary period is described, taking the parliamentary debates in St Paul’s Church as its most valuable and comprehensive manifestation. After a short description of the most important historical dates and some general remarks on the communicative style of the first German National Assembly, including the royal proclamations that accompany its course, the main catchwords, metaphors and other rhetorical characteristics (address, interruptions, politeness and pathos) are described in detail.

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