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15. Redegattungen/Textsorten der politischen Rhetorik und ihre Charakteristika. Ein Überblick

Josef Klein


The types of speech and text types of political rhetoric are referred to in this chapter as “genera”. They cannot be systematised as strictly hierarchical taxonomies. Thus, a speech often belongs to several genera: it can be inaugural speech, government statement, popular speech and war speech at the same time. The genres are spread over different frames of interaction: the society as a whole, parliament, the parties, the media and the so-called “pre-political space”. As framework categories, which give their rhetorical character to the genera, the following are sifted out: - communicative roles (issuers, addressees) and their constellations - topic - persuasiveness - emotions - speech acts, among which dominate: argumentation: topics of action, person-topics, contra-argumentation - speech-stylistic characteristics: conversational tone, lexicon, syntax, rhetorical schemes It is shown how the specifics of the genera are founded in the framework categories and their different forms.

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