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19. Thron- und Parlamentsrede

From the book Handbuch Politische Rhetorik

  • Werner Holly


Both genres of speech result from the attempt to legitimize political processes, particularly those of legislation, by the participation of representative bodies: the throne speech as a gracious opening of class or parliamentary assemblies, the parliamentary speech (after the gradual participation or take-over of rule by representative organs) as their central communicative procedures. In monarchical parliamentary constitutions, however, the throne speech is kept as a ceremonial relict with great functional losses. The publicly effective procedures in plenary sessions are central to parliamentary communication, though in most cases the true work actually takes place in committees which have internal sittings and follow different interactive forms. Despite this, the rhetorical-stylistic features and the corresponding competences of the actors/agents do not only shape the image of the whole institution, but also the image of the single parliamentarians, even if the arenas where political-rhetorical persuasion is generated gradually move into the media and external forms of propaganda.

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