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44. Politische Lyrik – politische Lieder

From the book Handbuch Politische Rhetorik

  • Helmut Bernsmeier


Political lyricism since the Vormaerz epoch has been intent on delineating contemporary political issues, while keeping a discerning eye on real politics, political systems and personages, and ascertaining ways for political subjects of becoming actively involved in the political processes of their age. Following the July Revolution (in France) of 1830, a well-informed, politically engaged populace emerged in Germany which soon turned into a political force, deliberately employing poetry and song as means of agitation and enlightenment. The study sheds light on the history of political poetry and song in Germany from the Vormaerz epoch to the present time. Since 1830, political events have frequently given rise to the creation and reception of poems and songs. The study focuses both on political and aesthetic tendencies, emphasizing the role of prominent authors who invariably shaped their epochs and are still recognized in our present time.

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