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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter 2021

28 Urbane Kommunikation

Gesine Lenore Schiewer


This article presents a current interdisciplinary field of research at the interface of communication theory and urban studies. The article begins with a brief but broadly based overview of the research situation. Among other things, it stresses the need for further interdisciplinary research. Special attention is paid to questions of urban planning, communicative participation and social conflict. In accordance with the general objectives of this handbook, these questions are presented and discussed from the perspective of rhetoric or, more specifically, conversational rhetoric. The result is a plea for a plurality of methods of different approaches to conversational rhetoric and discourse analysis. Furthermore, it is shown that a further intensification of interdisciplinary research at the interfaces of communication research, discourse analysis, rhetoric and urban research is not only promising but, in view of the increasing complexity and multilingualism of urban spaces, urgently needed.

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