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7.1 General Lexicon

From the book Manual of Catalan Linguistics

  • Josep Martines


This chapter describes the basic historical components of the Catalan lexicon. Here, the author analyzes processes of change and variation that can be observed in the Catalan lexicon, paying special attention to those that should be reviewed and subjected to critique. The main part of this chapter discusses lexicalsemantic variation and change. Specifically, from a diachronic perspective, the author describes the mechanisms of semantic change, the factors that may reduce a certain word’s usage, as well as mechanisms and factors of word creation. From a territorial or dialectal perspective, the author offers a characterization of the Catalan lexicon from a contemporary and historical lexical-semantic perspective. Next, the author provides historical and contemporary materials to aid in the description of social and functional variation in the Catalan lexicon. To conclude, this chapter addresses current and future challenges faced by the Catalan lexicon.

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