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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter 2020

12. From beams to glass: determining compositions to study provenance and production techniques

From the book Chemical Analysis in Cultural Heritage

  • Márcia Vilarigues , Inês Coutinho , Teresa Medici , Luís C. Alves , Bernard Gratuze and Andreia Machado


Combining a stylistic approach with chemical analyses and focusing not only on composition but also on production technology, this research aims to identify possible centres of post-medieval production of glass as well as decorative production techniques used in stained glass, in particular the grisaille. The use of several combined analytical techniques allowed for the unveiling of the composition of glass and the structure of grisailles. Sorting out the grisaille structure sheds light on the processes employed to produce paints, while compositions of glass objects are used to propose production provenances. Both contribute to the study and critical analysis of how glass heritage has developed over time, including materials and technical practices, uncovering the transfer of technology and movement of people and goods.

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