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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Oldenbourg 2018

A line is not a line is not a line

From the capital line of metaphysics to a future ontology of the fold

From the book SpatioTemporalities on the Line

  • Angelika Seppi


In this essay, I will draw on the relationship between two different lines and the spatio-temporal, epistemological and ontological partitions they put into play: the first line I shall call the capital line of metaphysics, which gives rise both to the epochal space-time of metaphysics and the predominant metaphysical conception of space and time. The second line I shall call the folded line of a future ontology, by which I refer both to the epochal space-time of another thought yet to come and a corresponding transformation of the concepts of space and time informing this future thought. I will thus develop a double reading of the line by showing, on the one hand, that and how the line is conceived as an epistemological instrument deeply invested in the ways being has been thought throughout metaphysics; by making a more radical claim about the future of thought as such, on the other hand.

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