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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Oldenbourg 2018

3. A new model pertaining to highspeed drilling of titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V)

Krishnaraj Vijayan, Simin Nasseri, Vitale Kyle Castellano, Herve Sobtaguim, Joshua Hilderbrand and Hari Chealvan


Many parameters affect the quality of drilling and the energy spent in highspeed drilling of titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V).In this chapter, experiments are conducted following the L16 Taguchi experimental design in a high-speed vertical machining center. The important drilling parameters such as torque, thrust force and uncut chip thickness (UCT) were measured at various spindle speed and feed rates. Nonlinear behavior of these parameters was analyzed using various regression methods. The nonlinear regression of model parameters followed an exponential trend in terms of independent parameters: spindle speed and feed rate in a unique new way. Energy of the cutwas then estimated using thesemodels and evaluated against the UCT. The new model can be used to optimize the best drilling parameters to obtain a longer tool life.

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