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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter 2020

Factors influencing the translation of -ing participial free adjuncts

Semantic role, context and a translator’s individual style

From the book Corpus Linguistics, Context and Culture

  • Hildegunn Dirdal


Previous studies have shown that independent, coordinated and subordinated clauses, as well as different kinds of phrases, are used to render -ing participial free adjuncts in translation from English to Norwegian. Some attention has been given to factors influencing the choice between these structures. The present paper reviews the factors investigated so far, and presents data from the Multiple-translation Corpus (an extension of the English-Norwegian Parallel Corpus) that make it possible to add several additional factors, related to the semantic role of the adjunct, the presence of coordination in the source sentence and the meaning and structure of the adjunct itself. The meaning and structure may be such that the Norwegian present participle can be used, in which case other solutions are dispreferred. The data also show that a translator’s individual style is a contributing factor, influencing the choice between coordinate and subordinate clauses and the omission of coordinating conjunctions.

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