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Transport Amphorae from Methone: An Interdisciplinary Study of Production and Trade ca. 700 BCE

From the book Panhellenes at Methone

  • Antonis Kotsonas , Evangelia Kiriatzi , Xenia Charalambidou , Maria Roumpou , Noémi Suzanne Müller and Matthaios Bessios


Amongst the exceptionally rich finds recovered from the “Ypogeio” of Methone was a large assemblage of Aegean and other transport amphorae of the Early Iron Age and Archaic periods. The importance of this assemblage, which lies in the quantity and range of amphora types represented, and also in their early date, stimulated the project discussed in this paper, which implements interdisciplinary research protocols. This project proposes a holistic approach to Greek transport amphorae combining typological and epigraphical evidence with the results of petrographic and elemental analyses on the provenance of these vessels, and of organic residue analysis on their content. This approach can reshape our understanding of the production and distribution of transport amphorae, and also of trade and economy in early Greece.

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