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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter 2018

Narratologische Textauszeichnung in Märe und Novelle

From the book Quantitative Ansätze in den Literatur- und Geisteswissenschaften

Friedrich Michael Dimpel


In this paper, I suggest a system of annotation designed for the use in Computational Narratology. The levels of annotating I use in my study are as follows: space, time, focalisation, reported speech, narrator’s speech, relation of the speech of a character/of the narrator to a certain character, evaluative remarks, negation, figurative speech, ambiguity. Alongside with the tagset, the guidelines for annotation are being refined in order to enable different persons to achieve consistent results (inter-annotator-agreement). In doing so, narratological models will be systematically reassessed and refined. The aim of this project is therefore to annotate about 100 short narratives. The corpus will render possible a great variety of follow-up aims and objectives. It permits systematic access to corpus segments annotated in the same way. Using ›Studentenabenteuer A‹ and ›Decamerone‹ IX,6, I discuss a number of details and problems in narratological annotation. Finally, I present some examples of quantitative analysis using among others MTLD and Social Network Analysis.

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