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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter 2017

Focusing the Blind Spot. On the Inventive Use of Signs in Art

From the book Aesthetics Today
Astrid Wagner


This paper deals with some pivotal conditions of inventive symbolization in the arts. Given that the understanding of artworks, just as the understanding of all kinds of signs, is bound to practices of interpretation, these practices can be conceived as the basis on which the potentiality space for creative uses of signs is grounded. The purpose of this paper is to explore that potentiality space, to some extent, by specifying typical features of inventive uses of signs in art and in aesthetic symbolization, taking into account the interwovenness of their syntactic, pragmatic, and semantic dimensions. The presented view goes beyond a mere combinatorial explanation of creativity, focusing instead on some conditions of illuminating rule-violation, of rule-transformation, and on a reflective function of art, i.e. on artistic ways to make parts of the grammar of a form of life visible.

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