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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter 2017

Wittgenstein und Weltdesign

From the book Aesthetics Today
Martin Gessmann


Wittgenstein and World Design. World design is a deeply ambivalent topic. On the one hand, are the optimists who believe that design is about making the worldabetter place.On the other hand, are the pessimists who complain about the uniformization of all articles of use-from architecture to fashion-worldwide. The advertising of global companies and the cultural critique have further intensified this impression in either way. This essay wants to show that both views are nowadays obsolete and outdated. World design has become essentially a political issue.The fundamental question now is how we want to live together and how design influences our ways of life. The moot point is how design determines our identities. The right understanding of networking will prove crucial in this context. You just have to understand it as a connection not only between people, but also and especially between things.

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