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Zum Umgang mit dem Werk Wittgensteins in der Kunst

From the book Aesthetics Today
Benjamin Kiel


How the Arts Deal with the Work of Wittgenstein. This article is a continuation of a previous study (Kiel/Toopeekoff 2016) that examined up to what extent the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein had an influence on the development of American art in the 1960s. During this examination it became clear that misunderstandings concerning the philosophy of Wittgenstein, and hence the interpretation of the artworks of the examined artists, in most of the literature that was used to answer such question have been and still are perpetuated. In regard to the question of how the arts deal with the work of Wittgenstein it seems necessary to look critically at publications entitled „Wittgenstein and the arts“ and the often too easily made appearing relations and links between the name Ludwig Wittgenstein and an artistic position. In this context the following article will introduce an artist of whom it is said that he not onlywas influenced by the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein but that he even was his student in Cambridge: Jani Christou, important Greek composer of avant-garde music in the 1950s and 1960s.

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