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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Mouton 2021

22 Extending the boundaries of public relations through community-building and organic theories

From the book Public Relations

  • Marina Vujnovic , Dean Kruckeberg and Kenneth Starck


This chapter explicates both community-building and organic theories of public relations. The history, thesis, and main elements of each theory are outlined. The chapter provides basic conceptual definitions and foundations upon which these theories were built. Both theories are predicated on the idea that public relations plays an important role within the larger societal context. Both theories also remind us of the responsibility that public relations has in both the maintenance of and the changes in societal relations. Each theory’s main elements and premises are discussed, followed by an examination of their past and current applications and their potential limitations, as well as their future prospects for developing thinking and research within the growing field of critical public relations scholarship. Further, these theories’ utility, criticisms, and limitations are discussed. Finally, these theories’ current uses and their potential for future research in public relations and beyond are outlined.

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